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My own experience of being diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), and of learning to live with and overcome the condition, has led me to set up the CRPS Hope Foundation. The CRPS Hope Foundation is an organisation which aims to provide a network of physiological and psychological support, enabling people living with CRPS to access assistance, and work towards overcoming this debilitating condition. 


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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, referred to as CRPS, is a condition that is poorly understood and often difficult to diagnose. Its main feature is a persistent burning pain in a limb, which remains after an injury is healed. The intensity and persistency of the pain can lead to changes within the brain, whereby the painful limb feels detached, altering the blood flow and how the limb is perceived by the sufferer. It is most commonly found in the hand and wrist, foot and ankle, or the knee, although it can found in all parts of the body. The intensity of the pain is debilitating and often life changing. Although there is currently no known cure, treatment is based around physical rehabilitation therapies and pain-relieving medication. Full recovery is possible! 
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My own experiences and challenges of being diagnosed with CRPS, and of learning to live with the condition, have led me to set up the CRPS Hope Foundation. Coping with the diagnosis and condition was made more challenging due to a lack of support, information and coherence between medical departments, as well as a general negativity surrounding the condition. I am now making a full recovery, and wish to share my success and progress with other people suffering with CRPS. My hope is to inspire others with my example; if I can get better, you can too!

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Through being diagnosed with CRPS and having to learn to adapt my life, I have learned a lot and have received help and support from a number of remarkable people. I hope I can share these experiences with other sufferers in order to make living with CRPS a little easier, even at the hardest times. Despite what a Doctor or Health Professional may have told you, it is possible to get better. This website is just the start of the CRPS Hope Foundation, which I hope will grow into a place that brings people in similar predicaments together, that offers support to individuals, and brings a smile to many faces.

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The CRPS Hope Foundation is a non-profit organisation designed to help people with CRPS; to show that it is possible to get better, and that remaining positive and working hard towards recovery can have staggering results!              



If you have CRPS and think we could help you please contact us on:

[email protected]

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Maybe you are in a position where you may be able to help others who have this debilitating condition. If you have a story to tell, some positive advice for others, something you have found useful then please get in touch! I maybe able to add it to the website!! This organisation is 100% non profit!

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