Dreams can come true!!

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So, I know I'm not a natuaral 'blogger' but I thought it was about time I started to engage more with the site! And with such a massive update to share I thought it was the time to do it!!

Four years ago I was using a wheelchair, being told negative and unhelpful things about my condition! This weekend I played a full 70mins hockey match!!!

So a critical eye would notice my lack of speed and power and those that had played with me before would definetly notice a difference to the pre-CRPS days. However, it is irrelevant, the fact is I played! It was AMAZING! And I loved every minute of it! All those times I have dreamed about being back on the pitch and back part of a team have become realatity!!!

I believe everyone with CRPS can reach their goals and get back to the things they love doing, who knows may even discover some unexpected talents along the way!!

It has taken lots of hard work and grit to get this far and I still have alot of work to do to get where I want to be! I would also be lying if I  thought I would never have another flare up again. I still have to pace myself, which of course is fustrating, but as I continue to improve the rewards get greater!! 

If you are struggling with CRPS right now, keep your chin up! Believe that you can get better, and with hard work and determination it can happen!!