Recovery-The Know How

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There are many little things that I believe have all contributed to my recovery. As you read this, I only ask that you stay open-minded. You may be surprised just how effective little daily changes can be and how a combination of lots of little actions can enhance recovery. One honeybee will not a jar of honey make, whilst a hive of lots of honeybees fill supermarket shelves in no time! We know there is no one magic pill or injection, no Doctor has a simple solution to getting better from CRPS. If there was, I wouldn't be writing this and many people would not be suffering with CRPS right now. This doesn't mean you can't get better, it just means it's best to equip yourself as effectively as possible against the different driving forces behind CRPS, so you can approach recovery in a holistic way. 

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 Reconnecting with your Limb

Calming Down the Sympathetic Nervous System

Breaking out the Boom Bust Cycle

Pacing and Graded Exposure

Physical Rehabilitation

The Emotional Turmoil of CRPS

Improving Sleep

Diet and CRPS 

The Best Advice I can Give

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A Little Note

All the information on these pages is a summary of my own personal experiences, my thoughts around CRPS and the basic scientific background I have gathered on the way. In order to come up with a combined method of recovery that is working for me, I have listened, learned, been supported by medical professionals, read books and scientific papers, and experienced a lot. This is what I share with you. I have worked very hard to get better, it has taken time, alot of trial and error, determination and hard work. These approaches have working for me and I hope can help you too. I refer to my leg but the same applies whether it is your arm, hand, nose (I am not sure that is possible) but any part of you. One lovely lady I met suffers with CRPS all down her left side of her back and chest. So it really can be anywhere - but the same principals apply regardless.

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