Aims of the CRPS Hope Foundation

Screenshot 2015-04-22 16.10.48 The Aims of the CRPS Hope Foundation Screenshot 2015-04-22 16.10.48

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1) To be A POSITIVE PLACE for suffers of CRPS - 

Knowledge of and interation with people with who are recovering from CRPS and getting better, provides real life evidence and encouragement for others struggling with the condition, particularly during the difficult and challenging times. When flare-ups hit and times are bleak, knowing that it is possible to recover and that this is just temporary, helps to ride it out and gives you the strength to build up again. Recovery is worth working for, and believing that you can recover is the starting gun and the half time pep talk on the track to getting better.

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2) To provide a Network of people who understand and who are experiencing/ have experienced similar things to you- 

It is important to realise you are not alone. The difficult, challenging and at times weird and scary things that come along with CRPS, are very hard  both to understand yourself and explain to others. Despite the best intentions of friends, family and even medical professionals, they often have no idea what it means to be in persistent pain, and living with this disability. 

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3) To offer Emotional Support and a Breathing Space to suffers of CRPS- 

The emotional turmoil that comes along with any illness is often put at the bottom of the doctor's priority list. This doesn't help, particularly in a condition like CRPS where emotions feed in to the nervous system and increase the pain feedback and suffering. The CRPS Hope Foundation aims to provide very necessary emotional support by email and Skype communications, and to help sufferers obtain counselling and/or psychotherapy support.

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4) To provide information on useful places to seek specialist help-

At times, getting the diagnosis of CRPS takes a long time, and once diagnosed, the best facilities and professionals for moving you forward are often not available in your local area. GPs are not commonly aware of the intricacies of CRPS, nor know the best places to refer patients for specialist care. Many CRPS patients get caught up in pain clinics, not knowing there are other options available through the NHS or people they can see privately. The Links page is designed to highlight helpful places of contact, and everyone is welcome to get in touch with the CRPS Hope team for more advice on getting the right support and treatment.


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Please get in touch if we can help you, or if you can help us! 

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